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Versuri So what?
- Crass

They ask me why I'm hateful, why I'm bad
They tell me I got things they never had
They tell me go to church and see the light
Cos the good lord's always right
So what, so what
So what if Jesus died on the cross
So what about the f***, I don't give a toss
So what if the master walked on the water
Don't see him trying to stop the slaughter
Say I wouldn't have to live from bins
If I would go along, confess my sins
Say I shouldn't commit no crime
Cos Jesus Christ is watching all the time
So what, so what
So what if he's always over my shoulder
I realise the truth as I get older
Get to see what a con he is
Because it's my life, mine not his
Well, they say they're going to send me away
Say they're gonna make me pay
We're sorry but you've gotta go
Cos you were naughty, you said "NO"
So what, so what
So what if I see through the lies
So what if the people I despise
Twist my arm and make me work
I'm no deaf, dumb, f***g jerk
I'm no spastic lying in the street
I'm no superstar elite
I'm just a person, human being

You're a part of our machine, because we want you to be
Got you now and you'll never be free
We can even have your body after you're dead
We can take the eyes out of your f***g head
Yes we'll take them out, use them again
We can do it you know, cos we've got your brain
We'll crucify you like we crucified him
Make you obey our every whim
We've got the power, Power and the glory
Heard that before in a different story
Story I heard covered up the truth
Didn't touch on the actual, factual proof
Didn't say about the bodies in the concentration camps
Didn't say about the knives under the lamps
Don't say the ovens are still warm
Don't say this wretched little form
Is a human being who wants to live
But not in the snot and s***t they give
Say that I better keep quiet
Or they're gonna douse my light
Jesus Christ can save my life
But I can always use the knife
So what, so what, so what, so what,
So what, so what, so what, SO WHAT

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