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Versuri Spanish
- Craig David

Would you like a drink with me?
(If you don? t mind, can I talk to you if it? s all right)
I want your body close to mine
(All night, while we? re dancing in the moonlight)
We could spend the night in ectasy
(Kissing, touching, caressing)
You know that you don? t have to leave (Tonight)
Saying why didn? t I go home with you tonight.

In fresh from out of town
Just breezed in so I thought I? d take a look around
And find a party where the vibe is right
I? m talking maybe meet a honey take her home tonight,
So shades on, top? s off the whip
Taking in the sigths as I cruise the strip
As I pull up to a red light
I see the pretty little shorty in my headlights.

This girl looked hafl black yet half oriental
Man this chick? s got class & style
I? d like to ask her for her credentials
Name, address, numbers to dial
She plays tuff when deep down she? s gentle
Ain? t that hard to read the signs
The girl bangs like dre instrumentals
Well here? s an acappella of mine