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Versuri Slicker than your average
- Craig David

Yo Craig (yeah)
there's some real jealous people out there right (uh huh)
tryin' to say how you're whack (what)
how your music's soft (what)
and you ain't got nothin' to say (what).

Well it's album number two right
so you gotta let 'em know (that's right)
so do your thing (yeah)
take your time (yeah)
speak your mind (listen).

Ever since I first stepped up
they thought I wasn't good enough, no
they told me that I'd only last one song

(that's foolish man - what's it like now? 7 million albums?)
they said I wasn't from the streets (the streets)
when I was working behind boxes
s***t like this don't happen overnight, no no.

While they're tellin' me
about my imagery.

How I'm so squeaky clean
whenever I'm on tv.

Too much jealousy
in the industry.

Why are you watching me
when you should just let me be (craig)