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Versuri Craig David - Eenie meenie

trimise de Nelson73Nelson73.

Another one
Craig David
Y'all ready for this

On my way from the studio
driving on my way home
happy cos I'm gonna see my girl tonight
somethin' messing with my radio
got to be my cellphone ringin'

I picked it up it was my girlfriend
but you wouldn't talk to me
I heard some friction in the background
saying that my girl was too good for me yeah

And I was like what
why you chillin' my name (?)
say it again
acting like how I got nothing to gain
people wanna burn just because of my fame
you better stop
before I lose control
had enough of your friends and i'm letting you know
I'm craig david and I'm running the show
and you been talking a lot of bull baby you got to go so

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