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Versuri Can't be messing 'round
- Craig David

uh uh yeah
craig david
it's another one
gonna make ya dance to this
gonna make ya dance to this
this is how we do it one time
into the year 2 0 straight from 9 9.

one day minding my own business
girl from the back won't keep her distance
she was all over me
just won't let it be
so i said to her i got a girl at home
she said she didn't want to listen to me
knew what exactly she wanted to be
my baby
i must admit she was getting to me
wating for me
wanting me to hold her oh so tightly.

together, forever, wherever, whatever

she said she couldn't find nobody better
wasn't gonna give up on me never
she said.

ooh you're looking so fly
everytime you pass me by
i like the way you move your body
girl i must admit
you're looking real fit
let's chill for a little bit
i know you wanna get with me
girl you know i'm not free.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
come on let me hit it again
come on let me sing it again
won't pretend
can't be messing around with my girlfriend