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Versuri Cracker - Sunday train (demo)


You can place your faith
In god my friend,
But no one knows his plan.
You can place your faith
In your brother,
But he may fail you.

So i am waiting for
That sunday train.
Place my faith in
Southern line.
She may not be on time
But she will come.

She once was a proud one.
Stretched from sea
To shinning sea.
She may not take you everywhere
You want to go. but where you

Need to be she'll agree.

So rest you'll weary legs,
They carried you all this way.
And climb aboard that sunday train
When she comes.

When god banished lilith
From the garden,
He gave us eve
He gave us steam.
So trains climb
Up every mountain
But never have they
Or set me free.

So if your heart is weary
And soul is like mine.
Climb aboard that sunday train
When she comes.

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