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Struck by thunder - versuri Crack Jaw |
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Versuri Crack Jaw - Struck by thunder

Hear the wind howl it seems so far away
But it's just cheating to you
Cos it's roaring and waiting for the day to overthrow all rules

Lightning flashing clouds veil sun and sky
The stormbell will be tolled
Now find shelter and pray for none is safe
So ancient stories told

Look out the storm is coming
The sleeping beast's aroused
And if you don't give under find cover
Then you'll be struck by thunder

Black days dark nights a shadow in our hearts
But hope must not be lost
Cos if our minds succumb we will never last
All darkness is bad host
So fight that power it's deadly if it reigns
Devours light and soul
Curse that master to die or win's our chance
Destroy that foul dark lord

The storm it is released

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