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Nightout - versuri Crack Jaw |
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Versuri Crack Jaw - Nightout

Well, it's friday noon, the bell is tolled
And life's spilling out on the streets
The drudging's done, the weekend's to come
My heart takes up a faster beat

Watch out here comes the thunder
Kicking out the jams
Join us we won't give under
'Til the new day breaks

Nightout we gonna hit the town
Nightout make a mess around
Nightout dive into fun
Hope that you'll be around

When you're lost and alone well just come along
Help us turn the seats upside down
Forget what you've got on your mind and live't up
Tomorrow'll come soon enough

Livin' high 'n' easy's long as we've got time
Lovin' wild 'n' free enjoy being alive

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