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Versuri Crack Jaw - New tomorrow

We synchronize our steps and habits
We're tied to mental chains
Why not tear them down?
We condemn pleasure and we banish laughter
In a world of cold rocks
I need human warmth!

Show me the action
Life's main attraction
The only question:
Will we and if, how will we live?

On and on and on we dig our way
We search for the treasure
On and on and on we try and turn
The key to all pleasure
On and on and on in light of day
We'll shake off the shadow
On and on and on we look ahead
Sights set on a new tomorrow

The freeze is fright'ning but I won't lose hope
That these empty eyes will vanish
They are so cold

Youth is a fire and I pray to God
That a little glow forever
Remains in my heart

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