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Versuri Crack Jaw - Never tell no lie

Your smile is sparkling evil your eyes promise betrayal
Your beauty's like a signal to false testimony
You bird of prey don't make no prisoners
No bodyaches to cure
Inside the sleeve of sweet red wine your aim is still obscure

A spider dressed as butterfly all men are gone on you
A blink'f your eye to testify, you'll take anywho
Involve them in the sweetest charms
Bite in your poisoned teeth
You take their money take their heart you don't give no relief

You rape them tap them make them lose their head
You make them promise love until they're dead

Never never tell no lie
Never, never ever tell no lie

You step into the danger zone her net is woven tight
You're in the smell of her perfume she's whispering sweet lies
Oh Lord don't tempt me you may think
But soon your willpower breaks
Cos she and her death instinct enveloped you in a haze

You start to tremble fall into her arms
Her dirty laughter hushes away her charms

Never tell me ever
Never tell me ever
Never ever tell me lies

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