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Versuri Crack Jaw - Galley without aim

There is not in the harbour the chaingang's got the guard
In the steamin' hot disaster slavery is fighting hard

And the rifles scream: no mercy die now or be free
In the haze some took a galley in search of liberty

Criminals desperate resign
Innocent plea for their lives
Animals wounded they cry
They've got no chance on the galley without aim

On the ocean storm is wailing some have gone over board
And the captain he is praying: "bless our souls please my Lord"

In the morning silent mourning of the ship that knows all plain
On the bottom it tells the story of the galley without aim

Shadows fall on the harbour's scenery
A silent call of a galley moving smooth
A dead old ship a sign names it "Liberty"
And still remains the memory of the
Galley without aim

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