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Versuri Summer day
- Connect-R feat Sonny Flame

trimise de JvecuJvecu.

. Boom Yeeee, Yo', Are you ready?. Special delivery, Sonny Flame. I'm sayin' Connect-r (Boom), you already knew, body come selected. you wanna see a burnin (yeah) hit
in another year, Boom (Santa Soap)?! Boom and i put it back! We are give it them, right?! Yeah..

U'r a sweat girl,
And u lookin'so put in', in the sunrise Like a black pearl,
Baby u' looking so put in, in the moon light
Come to me girl,
Well i by waiting for you from a long time.
Not be ashamed girl
Why your eyes is lookin' so fine?!.

. Because you wan't me, give me the vibration, ground (yeah), full of perfection, watch it, baby bless please my mission, open the perfection I am Mister Mansion (x2).

(Boom) Baby, darling you..