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Versuri Sweet 16
- Connect-R feat Cortes


Relax yourself, let your mind be free
Now you're rollin' with the boys from the ROP
Y'all know me, Ginuwine like Pony
Touch the mic like Tony,
Rappin' On the only one.

Take the journey as a gift
Ain't no cruisin' boy,
you know we flowin' like a drift.

I spit seeds for my sick skill
I speak and split with speed my 16,
I'm still in.

MC's remain proud
I chose makin' money, nobody kickin' me out
Ain't no dare for this,
Here with Cortes
Blessin' hip-hop, sometimes we reminisce.

Drop a little herb down on my paper
Put a bitch lips down down on my zipper
Gimme a Dr. Pepper so I can spice the letter
Gimme a pen and a paper and I give you Connect-R.

(Connect-R & Cortes)
Rap — never talkin' bluff
Money — never get enough
Weed — never smoke enough
So you stash that cash or you pass that puff.

Rap — never talkin' bluff

Money —never had enough
Weed — never smoke enough
So you stash that cash or you pass that puff.


Let me begin with the basics
Gimme the mic device
So then I can bring you no less than my oasis
Cortes writin' the pages
Ready to make the dream and the papers,
I can't remain nameless.

The game – dangerous,
I've been through changes
Seen so many different places, paid the wages
No more bluffin', now I'm holdin' aces
Rockin' stages, on the road to bein' f***' famous.

You see me aimin' only for the top now
Had my ups and downs growin' up,
I'm goin' up now
Ain't gotta duck down, I like the brightness
I'm stayin' high, so I'm guessin' I'm your highness.

One of the finest, and that's the real me
My neighbors choke from the smoke in my chimney
Everyday my head is spinnin' like a frisbee
And every night I feel free, you feel me?