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Versuri Closed At Sunset - Open your eyes

trimise de FatimaFatima.

Well, who would have though one small mistake and it all blows up. I'm sorry if I was so foolish as
to misjudge the limits of your generosity and understanding. You're a waste of my time. There must
be something you have to say to me because there's so much I'd like to say to you regarding life,
and what its like to be there for somebody but I doubt you'd understand a word. We're all waiting
here hoping the guilt is burning you from the inside out. Everyone's rooting for me, but your side
doesn't make a sound; they're all silent now. Lets get something straight: the front you hide behind
is weak, but you're a good actor so tell everyone how its just fine. We wouldn't want anyone to
think anything less because that would be so bad for your image. Read me your list, pick your
problem and weigh it against the rest. I'll bet you feel so stupid now. The triviality has finally
come out. I never saw through you, does that make me so bad? Open your eyes.

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