Irish car bomb - versuri Closed At Sunset |
Irish car bomb - versuri Closed At Sunset |

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Versuri Closed At Sunset - Irish car bomb

trimise de DarimarDarimar.

Mark falls on 31. You've been waiting for December to come. "I challenge you to match my faith;
I'm asking you to act with grace when I'm not around. Behind my back is where it counts. "
You're a double edged sword; this is a two way street. It's killing me. If death kissed me on the
lips right now, I'd leave you deep in debt, but I'm good for it, I swear. And when we're finally
alone, you'll ask me "Where have these hands been? You reek of wandering and infidelity. "
But I never made a promise. That question's loaded, but you'll ask me anyway. I never made you
promise. Every day I contemplate my disease and the monster I've become. I do it and you know it; my
heavy heart could weigh this whole thing down. "Behind my back is when it counts. " I
guess I'm selfish enough to tear us apart. Breathe deep let the blue plane air fill your lungs. I
know it feels exceptional, but don't move fast 'cause your body's broken - that's why I'm here

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