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Versuri City High - Best friend

trimise de KtyshkKtyshk.

[Robby (Ryan)]
(What's up my nigga?)
Heh, chillin' yo
(What's up man, ya ready to go? Come on!)
Naw yo, you just go ahead
(What's wrong with you man?)
(Wifey got you buggin' again)
Pshh, I just don't understand, ya know
(Understand what man? Huh?)
She ain't talkin' to me son
Yo I need you to do me a favor yo

You gotta call her homie
(What'chu want me to call her for)
You gotta tell her for me
(Tell her what man)
That I love her so strongly
(Why don't you just tell her yourself)
Cause she won't listen to me now

Without love in my heart
I might as well be dead
(Hold up, hold up, you ain't gonna be killin' yourself nigga)
So can you help me out?
You're the only one who cares

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