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Versuri Ciara - Diva

trimise de AdapufoasaAdapufoasa.

(Spoken Over "I'm A Diva, I'm A, I'm A, A Diva)... What Up World, It's Ya Gurl C Signin In,
Let's Go...

Na Na Na Diva Is The Female Version Of A Hustla, Of A Hustla, Of A, Of A Hustla (x2)...

(Verse 1)
I Be That Diva Fly Gurl Straight From The ATL, Georgia Peach Fresh Off The Block Yea That Gurl Fly
As Hell,
Had Too Take A Couple Seconds Now I'm Back Up On The Scene, Got That Good For The Hood, For The
Burbs And The Streets,
A Lot Of People Talkin Ish, I Don't Really Give An Ish, I Ain't Goin No Where This Diva Here For A
Yea I Know You Know About That Diva, Diva Named B, While I'm At It I'mma Tell Ya Bout This Diva
Named C...

I'ma A Diva, I'm A, I'm A, A Diva (x8)

Na Na Na Diva Is The Female Version Of A Hustla, Of A Hustla, Of A, Of A Hustla (x2)

Verse 2)
When I Pull Up In The Roll's They See Me And You Know I Keep It Lambo Gleamin,
Yea You Know I Hustle Hard And I Know How To Eat,
I Live With The Dope Boys Dreamin,
Gettin Money, Cee Cee Be Gettin Money, Work To Hard For This Right Here Baby You Can't Take Nuttin
From Me,
Tell Me Something, Where Your Boss At?
You Know Me I Got That Paper, Yea I'm Bout That,
I Know How To Please Ya, Yes I'm A Keeper,
I'm Far From Boojy But I'm A Divaaa...

(Spoken) And I'm Reppin For My Girls In The A!

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