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Education (part ii) - versuri Chumbawamba |
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Versuri Chumbawamba - Education (part ii)

They're the bosses of tomorrow
They're called the FCS
Fascist Conservative Sheep
Who claim to know what's best
Tied to dad's finances
And only just out of school
They want Progressive Capitalism
And Imperialist Rule
And it just goes to show
That Higher Education
Is just the thing for blinding kids
With lies and information
These students think that with their vast experience of life, they know and understand the answers
to the world's problems. And all the people around the world without food and civil liberties, the
people of Nicaragua, and Ireland, and Chile, and El Salvador, and Grenada, and South Africa... Well
they're all ignorant peasants without University educations...
Don't let education stand in your way
These bosses of tomorrow: confront them today

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