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Versuri Chumbawamba - Always the winner

Always the winner, baby
you're always the center, baby
But don't ever get lonely at night
When the crowds have gone away.
It's always your show girl, the lady,
Always the lady, you're foolin' yourself, you know, gone crazy
There was a time when you cared for their hearts
And the need to show them love was tearing you apart.
But you're changing you know
Become the star of the show
Now you've got nothing to give
Where is the truth you once lived?
You're just lonely
Don't you feel lonely?
Turn out the spotlight, I'm tired. not my will, but
Thine Lord, I'm crying. Oh wont' you turn my gaze back
Lord to you. You're the only one who knows me.
Please mold me back to You.

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