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Versuri Chuck Inglish - Gametime

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Land drops
I love
What else?
What else?

Flip this linguistic pimp shit
Left hand, right side see's stick shift
A-I-R description on the pipins
Baggy pants dance like Michael Bivins
Living good, the floor and the ceiling wood
Bath is marble, toilet seat is fresh
Heater for the middle of the night
Cause daddy gotta wake up early morning for a flight
Seen with the gold frame intelligent thug
No prescription, smoking weed is my addiction
Doctor said you need it for your condition,
No more heavy lifting!
I guess I need someone to help me take a piss then
Suck my dick and my balls at the same time
Meet cakey and pinky, game time
Pop the black end so I got the gametime
Aid's fine, like a Marshall Shae wine
86', the Mets won the ring, my father rocked the leather
With the holster for the thing

Put the iron to the time, meet here with some clients
Workin' on the title, pressin' up a hunid thousand
Recording out in Maui, watchu know about it?
Press the vinyl in Jamaica gettin' paper blowin' vapors
Sew a stitch, showing niggas how it's s'possed to be tailing
Motor city rollin' with me in an elegant way, nigga
Now understand what I say
Grip a wood steering wheels like a young Pimp C
Steady choppin' up blaze, cardier wire frames
Hi top force ones and a clean buffet
Switchin' whips, hopping outta somethin' all-terain
Four by fours grip the road more in the rain
Took the Eddie Bauer off and put it up in my name
Spell it: C-H-U-C-K I-N-G-L-I-S-H
Come shop with me dog, we be here all day

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