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Versuri Chubb Rock - What's the word

[Minister Farrakhan]
Mr. Bush, you better check out your OWN part
in the divine drama. You may find YOU the Devil!

[Chubb Rock]
Listen.. cause in 1990
Chubb Rock and the gang is on a banned mission
Hostility will rule like a Jamaican??
and ooh filled with dumplings, hopefully no dumpings
like guns will be present while I keep the people jumpin
Not too much, South Africa isn't free yet
I spoke to the kids from Brooklyn to T-Neck
New Jersey, and they heard me while I cursed the
white minority regime, painted an ill scene
Brothers and sisters over there dyin
Mandela in a cell in Robin Island
Thank God he's out now - and while I sing
I know he has things in a full swing, yeah
This year crumb-snatcher Thatcher, we're gonna catch her
being a klutz, her husband is a drunk putz
He acts absurd, now what's the word?

"Johannesburg! " (2X)
"Okay okay, come on. " (6X)
"If he's the President, pullin out my Ray-Gun" -> Chuck D

[Chubb Rock]
Listen.. cause brothers and sisters
it's time for everyone to go fishin
for your history - open a book and read
between the lines, don't recline your mind
Sometimes I don't know how to make it understood
that a lot of black movies have been tampered by Hollywood
So it's important take the name and date and step
Research it yourself, cause you owe a large debt
to yourself - your history is yours to keep
.. or you won't reap
in the benefits, don't let Mr. Rabinuwitz
sell you something with a sing, to get blissed
Leave the rock to the Nazis, excel in Yahtzee
Be a bookworm, not a bookend, cause men
before you have died so you can taste freedom
If we can't beat em we'll delete em, so now
What's the word?

"Johannesburg! " (2X)
"Okay okay, come on. " (9X)
"If he's the President, pullin out my Ray-Gun" -> Chuck D

[Chubb Rock]
Throughout history, no physical might has ever crushed
the invincible spirit of a nation
And yes we are a nation, a different coloration
But that isn't significant - pull a ligament
while you're standin, pumpin your fist they will miss
and crumble and remain in the cold abyss
And now it's time for action, action is the verb
The pronoun I will say scream "What's the word? "
Now come on.. what's the word?!

Alright.. I'm gonna bring in the aspect
of my man Rob-n-O, the Jamaica aspect, come now

[Rob O - patois best guess]
I'm a soldier, I'm a soldier
I'm gonna chase up?? and run down Botha
Botha betta run him betta start??
I mash up?? when he conquer
Your gun gonna fire, come fatter
Say it to the sky like a ball of fiyah
Jah come foot rule over??
Gun gonna fire..
.. I'm a soldier

[Chubb Rock]
Alright.. time for the American, english aspect
from my man Rob Swinga - come now

[Rob Swinga]
Yo.. I wonder why is it that in Africa
the black people are the 2nd and 3rd class citizens?
I mean I thought Africa was black
Isn't that what they told us in our own history books
in America? I mean yo it's something to think about!
They gonna tell me I'm black and I'm from Africa
yet still somebody's tellin me
I have no right to say what goes on there
I mean I can't understand that at all!
That's something to really make you
stop and think and say.. hmmmmmmm!

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