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Versuri Christopher - CPH girls

trimise de BrigitteBrigitte.

[Intro: Christopher]
Them girls, they got it
Oh oh, they got it
Them girls, I love it
I, I, I love it

[Verse 1: Christopher]
Yeah, I don't get where they from
(we're from, we're from)
Cause they all know what I want
(you want, you want)

[Pre-hook: Christopher]
Baby, parlez-vous français?
I'm so ready to go
Girl, do you speak body language?
So I'll need to know
I'll catch a plane to go and see them girl
I love the women all around the world
Who you love?

[Hook: Christopher]
Them ''señoritas'' in Spain
No, I can't complain
Them ''mon chéri'' in Paris
I know they like champaign
LA, Miami to New York
They might just break your heart
Yeah, I've been everywhere
But nothing can compare to those
Copenhagen, copenhagen (girls)
Copenhagen, copenhagen (girls)

[Verse 2: Brandon Beal]
Yeah, Chris told me like
You should drop up on the next flight
Now I'm here tonight
Kinda feeling like paradise
Jeans fitting tight
You can twerk it like Miley right
I got an appetite
So let me taste your applebite

[Pre-hook] + [Hook]

[Spoken: Brandon Beal]
Yo, Chris
I really love what I'm looking at, man

[Spoken: Christopher]
Yeah, B
I told ya
It happens everytime

Who you love?


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