Fighter (hellraiser remix) - versuri Christina Aguilera |
Fighter (hellraiser remix) - versuri Christina Aguilera |
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Versuri Christina Aguilera - Fighter (hellraiser remix)

(1st virse)
Well i, thought I knew you, thinkin that you were true, guess I, I couldn't
trust called your bluff time is up cause i had enough, you were there
by my side, always down for the ride but your ride just came down
in flames cuz your grease through me out of shape uh uh... after all of
stelling and cheating u'd probably think that hold respect for you but
uh uh o no, your wrong, cuz if it wasn't for all that you tried to do, I wanna
know just how cabable i am to pull through so i wanna say thank you
cuz it....

Makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little bit harder, makes
me that much wiser, thanks for makin me a FIGHTER, make me learn
a little bit faster and make my skin a little bit thiker and makes me
that much smarter thanks for makin me a FIGHTER... oh oh oh oh oh
oh u yea yea (figher, thanks for makin me a fighter) (o, o, o, o my
body's sayin lets go....)
(2nd virse)
(never) saw it comming all of the backstabbing just so you could cash
in on a good thing before i relize your game, i heard your going around
playin the victim now but don't even begin felling im the one to blame
cuz u dug ur own grave.. Afer all of the fights and lies get your body
to haunt me but that won't work anymore... it's over
(Repeat chours)

After all you put me through, you'd think i dispise you but in the
end i wanna thank you because you made me stronger, and wiser,
and thank you for makin me.... a FIGHTER (figher, figher, fighter) oh oh

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