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Versuri Christina Aguilera - Because ti amo

I'm so confused
Maybe it's because ti amo
I wrote this whole thing
Just because ti amo
I sit alone and
I'm playing the piano
I feel so strange
It's just because ti amo!!!

I think I won't make it through
You're always on my mind
Please tell me you love me too
Or else I'm gonna die
Here is what you mean to me!
You are an angel God sent to me
And I just want you here with me
Holding you all the time!

When things go wrong
Everything seems nice to me
I don't know why
But I think it's cause ti amo
I can't live without you
And I don't want to try
The reason's obvious
It is because ti amo!

You mean the whole world to me
You are my everything!
You make me fly without wings
It's just the way I feel!
What else could I ever ask?
You are the dream of a lifetime
And I want you beside me
Till the world stops to turn!

I can't describe
The way I feel inside
I don't know why
Maybe because ti amo
All my friends wonder
How I can be so lucky
To have you in my life
The answer's cause ti amo!

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