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Versuri So in love
- Christian Wunderlich

Verse 1:
It's something about you that I
like and I know I've told you constantly,
but baby it's been on my mind. I'm not
one of those girls who like to play
games. Undiscribable is your love,
but I'll try my best to explain.
It must be your eyes.
No, I think it's your smile.
Possibly your conversation.
Maybe your style.

I give up trying to figure out
what's so unique about your love. All
I know is that you drive me insane,

I can't even think,
It's so hard to explain.

Verse 2:
Will you let me in?
I want to know about you.
Can I get close, make all
your dreams come true.
I'm not a stranger.
Come on baby open up.
So a girl like me, can
Finnaly, know what it takes
to get your love.

What if I rub you there.
What if i kiss you here.
What if I spend time with you.
What if I so much love to give.

chorus (repeat 2 times until faded)