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Versuri Christian Epidemic - World erased

trimise de DuduDudu.

Above everything, within myknowledge but against my willA new God controls me, he whoSees my blood
soul, cold and
stillAbove everything, an infallible, True feeling awaitsA world full of hate, a worldThat God has
put to it's
fateAbove everything, my tiredSoul's being picked at by birdsAt least i won't have to hear theLast
true human being's
lying wordsI'm not driven by passionNot even passion of life or of loveI'm not driven by my
angerWith the purpose of
my evil wordsI see my pretty wifeIn a broken mirrorShe's washing her dressFrom bloodstained to snow
naked child within the ruinsStanding here in the fresh, white snowHis tearful eyes just can't
conceiveThat they have left him
all aloneHis trembling lips speak unfamiliar wordsQuestions accuses no one hears his sayHe sees no
one's left to guide his
wayI'm so ashamed my living body rots away

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