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Versuri Chris Ward - Who told u

When you dreaming, please don't let it be a nightmare..
Whoever told you, that life's fair..
I'm right there..

[Hook - 4x]
Whoever told you, that life's fair
When you dreaming, please don't let it be a nightmare
When you wake up screaming, I'm right there
To lighten the mood, I'm like the sun with a bright glare

[Chris Ward]
I'm just sitting in my bedroom, all alone
Thinking of life, how most of it all is wrong
I'm more than grateful, that I can stand tall and strong
For that matter, I don't care what you call this song
Cause this one, coming straight from the heart
The same story I've been trying to tell y'all, straight from the start
Life is a crazy thang
Remember Hardest Pit track 13, shady game
All my peers is still down, my mothers tears is still crying
The FEDs in the hood, and they still spying
Trying they damnedest, to catch a nigga
First chance you give em, they gon try and get you nigga
God knows, that they sent just to get you nigga
Just to capture you, in the rapture nigga
You see the fame and the fortune, ain't all what it seems
It's like living a dream, inside of a dream

[Hook - 2x]

[Chris Ward]
Take a good glimpse, at all the s***t you facing
It's options, instead it's sticky situations
But no, there's no trials without tribulations
And, no hustle without determination
And no racism, without discrimination
Cause believe it or not, it still exists within this nation
A lot of times, I feel impatient
Cause there's no small sign, or indication
Of how long, are we all gon be here
Cause if you pass them bars, you feel the streets gon be here
It's one life one chance, one heaven up above
One man one night, one dance
And this one goes out, to my folks on lock
Going through hell, in cell blocks
When you get out, hold your head and try to maintain
Cause I promise you, ain't nothing changed uh

[Hook - 4x]

Know I'm saying, it's real
Whoever told you life's fair, just think about it
This what I get in my dreams sometimes
When I wake up screaming, if that happens
Well, you already know yes
Whoever told you that life's fair, nightmare
I'm right there, bright glare

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