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Versuri Don't you wish you were me?
- Chris Jericho

I see the way you look at me
You envy me and it's killing you,
And you know it makes me smile when I look in the mirror
Thinkin' how good it is to be king.

And don't you wish you were me?
The King of all you see
Don't you wish you were me?
It ain't that easy
Don't think you'll ever be,
Everything a man should be
Cause Don't you wish you were me?
Keep dreamin', you'll never be me.

Too soon, you'll be a memory
There for all to see, just illusion
And sometimes it makes me laugh when
I see your reaction
Knowing that I've become mighty.


Inside my mind there is a freak
That drives me on past all defeat
You'll never have, you can't instill
The power of my iron will.