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Versuri Without u
- Chris Brown

trimise de MicutakMicutak.

If you had a choice then
what would you choose to do.

I could live without money
I could live without the fame,
and if everyday was sunny i could live
without the rain, and if i ever
went up to heaven i would fall
right back down, that life wouldn't be living
cause your the one i couldnt live without.
if i couldnt blink would i still be able to see you?
i couldnt imagine
without arms could i reach,
no way could i ever hold you
i need these things like i need you
if u had a choice what would you choose.
If i couldn't dream would i believe that

there could be a you and me.
and if i couldn't sing would you be
able to hear my melody.
i know that somethings wrong and im afraid
that your moving on.
How can i fly when your my wings.
i need these things like i need you
if you had a choice what would you choose.
You can take it all from me
and it wouldnt mean anything.
Turn the whole world against me
as long as you dont leave.
Its getting hard for me to sleep
even harder for me to breath.
Im used to life with you, tell me what i need to do.
[chorus] x2