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Versuri Chris Brown - She loves me

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yo shay were u benn gurl i bennin callin you so who bout i ride threw there and get yo my lady

i be on the road alot but it doesnt change the way i fill bout you gurl i try yo be there for you
all time but i gotta keep my head up and i know that havent been the best but i nkow for a fact

she loves me know matter what the people say or do.
she loves me as i love her we got that special chemitry she love me she love she loooves me

know i know u ythink on some new s***t but i i think we betta of togtha Shay cuz u mean so much to
me and i would do wateva yo spend my loifee with yuo thats how deep it is

Repeat chours 2x

Fading out
Shay i love you
its just hard to
Express how i really fill bout

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