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Versuri Bump
- Choclair

[Mr. Roam]
Top, tip, tippy, top, top, Yo!.

Ladies like to bump-ti-bump bump
Come over to the crib and like thump-ti-thump thump
I cant fit 'em in my trunk-ti-trunk trunk
Girl we getting dirty like the funk-ti-funk funk.

[Mr. Roam]
Yeah (Yeah here we go)
Yeah, you the type of chick that like the pretty things (uhh)
Like to mix and mingle with kings
I aint the type sweat the little things (nah nah)
I'm the type to leave a lasting impression
Type to leave your a*s guessin'
Type to leave you undressing (uhh)
Teacha, teacha quick lesson (mmm)
Nothin' like spellin' the math (math)
I let the ladies fell the wrath
When they step in my path (path path)
They getting snapped like booby traps (uhh)
Mash with Choclairlata
I'm on tour for 3 weeks, I aint got time for that
Maybe when I get back, I can hit you off (off)
Let you rub it 'till it gets soft (soft soft)
Let you rub it 'till it falls off (right)
(*cough*) Excuse the cough to much smoke in here.

Come close baby girl let me dry your tears (uhh)
Sorry gotta leave but when I get back
I got some sugarcane for your sugarwall, thats all.

[Chorus] - 2X.

Yeah, see day after day all the things you put me thru (mmm huh)
It makes me wonder why the f***k Im with you (uhh)
The way your my mouth redlines, girl what a strain
You got me at the bar drinking Granmoinyain (right)
And my eyes glaze, high off the blaze (uhh)
Baby we need to part ways (right)
I cant take the consistent nagging, hara*sing
You sound like mom up on my pants sagging (uhh)
And why do we fight? Cause Im on tour (right)
This is how I get payed plus on choir applause (uhh)
Sold out shows plus fans that adore (yeah)
But you feel good at the awards (right right).

[Mr. Roam]

Now when I recite, you like that my man on the mic
You all ready to vent (vent)
I'm trying to pay the rent, Im trying to make the car pay-ments (yeah)
You trying to keep up with Mr. Jones
While Mr. Jones is trying to keep with Mr. Roam (uhh).

[Chorus] - 2X.

[Mr. Roam]
Uhh, uhh, Yo, uhh uhh
You burn like the 7 Year Itch, livin' up in the mix
Silly rabbit is for Trix (uhh right)
I spit games for kicks (yeah)
I change gears like I change chicks (right)
You only call me when need a fix (mmm).

Thats why your thangs switched
Now you all up in my ear how 'bout his next bitch? (uhh)
Saying I'm going just for cash (yeah)
I aint all about cash but paying for my car and my pad (yeah)
See it aint you (uhh), so who is payin' for Cancoun? (right)
Clubin' at La Boom, acting all like the fools
At the hotels sexin' underneath the moon
Girl who? (Girl who?) Yo who? (Who who?).

[Mr. Roam]
And let her know Ill be gone till June
Whip up a quick joint let it bump the monsoon
Me? I aint a pimp I just play one on T. V.
Its hard being Roam I just make it look it easy (mmm)
Girls steady beggin' to.

Please me, please me
But f***k those chickens cause shocks aint easy
Unless they deepthroat (uhh oww uhh oww oww)
(Suck it girl, you know thats my weakness; you know thats my weakness)
Yeah. haha. So next time that Im on tour (yeah)
Stop stressin', think about the car that I put you in
And think about the diamonds that you rockin'
Your s***t thats poppin' (uhh)
Huh, Its time well spent girlfriend.

[Chorus] - 2X.

Yea baby, it aint easy for me
You, you, you just cant
Break my heart with a thing that you do
I'm no fool