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Versuri Chino Xl - Rise

Yeah, sometimes they come back

High pitched shrieks, my body lie dead in the streets
Yeahhh, my body lie dead in the streets
(repeat 4X)

The darkened clouds reflect my inner confusion
Frustrating feelings of dying too soon and I'm
sitting in plain view of Master and all of his glory
in purgatory, I'm not your everyday sinner
It's often viewed as stepping into a great light
with shadows of time, some people are forgotten in life
Move in past situations, stolen moments frozen proving
you ain't had a thing but evil in your human heart
It's startling, but I keep on following
The pain is mind-boggling, I hear angry souls hollering
High pitched shrieks, my body lie dead in the streets
Crackheads searching through my pockets too I see this all from side view
Now as I stand in the judgment of my forefathers
They agree I was murdered without my goal accomplished
Inside my heart is where the curse lay scared in the worst way
like a savior on the third day, I rise


";feel my aura, just around death's corner";
(Rise!) Rise!
(repeat 4X)

The actual transition between death and life
reveals darks passageways, painted like stained glass
Soaking wet from the rain and my brain tired
and I'm barefooted freezing cold as I walk through fires
A child born with no soul signifies my return
from pure thought to put my killer's ashes in a urn
Outside the realm of light, demons dance in preparation
Weightless, only to be seen during incantation
Feel my aura, just around death's corner
Hands of liquid candlelit by a mourner (water)
Surrounding me it startles me, cry to me
Visions pushing me towards revenge and anger nothing's stopping me
What about this Crow it follows wherever I go
From a rooftop I see one of my killers in the window
Tears dwell up in my eyes, turn to highs, blood's
raining from the skies, as one of my murderers dies... rise


";The flesh is weak... ";
(Rise!) Rise!
(repeat 4X)

I believe... I believe

Yeah, I inhale the cold mist feeling lost
Like I'm in a dark forest that's illuminated by my soul
Like a Phoenix from the Earth watch me take flight
The world's in color when I walk it's all in black and white
I try to scream but no sound escapes, migraines
I shapeshift, I exist, she doesn't remain
Her name's etched in the walls of my nightmares
And levitates and elevates like flights of stairs
Second thoughts about karma but I can't cease
Without revenge, I think I'll never rest in peace
Blemishing, shaken like I'm off of h*****n
I'm burrowing deep to reverse death, remembering
Now I rise like a zombie from the dirt I kill again
Feeling no better than what I am here to avenge
As we stand face to face you see death in my eyes
I won't destroy another man, the flesh is weak... rise

Chorus: (variations)

Sometimes death ain't even strong enough to stop living spirit
With our mind we call life into existence
Worlds are thoughts that are burning in me
Sometimes we come back

Chorus: (variations and outro)

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