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Versuri Chino Xl - Many different ways

I take your mind and I smash it into plasma
*gasp for air* Breathe like asthma, til your just a cadaver
How fast this is, your faggot crew's a bunch of actresses
My skills go back to flippin on p***y matresses
Not Subroc, I catch you out like Matlock
Now your name's in the Way Outdated Section next to Chubb Rock
It's kind of funny, some of you cracker DJ's shun me
cause I make your favorite rappers come up short like Bud Bundy
I'm All in the Family, sick like Archie Bunker, f***n eat it
Your styles are cheesy like a uncircumcised p****s
Better jet out, brother out, your R&B I first ignore ya
F***k Heavy D, cause ";I Got Nothin But HATE For Ya";!!
I'm Chino XL, now who the f***k are you? I'm laughing
smashing you like a bottle of Zima
Oh now all of a sudden you got emphesema?
BURRNT, save that s***t for rich verbatim days behind me
I'm yellow as hell, but I rip more BlackSTREET's than Teddy Riley
I'm not environmentally concious so f***k an Earth Day on my worst day
I could kill more slanted eyes than a Japanese earthquake
and in the first place, Farrah couldn't Fawcett when I lost it
Give me that mic, you monkey motherf***ker, you look exhausted!
When I'm tipsy, cut you like Bush cut Social Security
You couldn't make this crowd bounce like they one big silicone tittie
It ricochets, hear my name in projects hallways
Chino will amaze in so many different ways, what?


F***k that *cough* when I bust that *cough*, watch this
I'm knockin niggaz out like they homosexual boxers
Now you feel like a building when the wrecking ball hits
I'M the type of nigga bitches like Brandy Wanna Be Down with
Not Howard Stern but get your temper burning, make you vomit
blood in slow motion like Tyra Banks go in Higher Learning
Enema, comma, coma, drama, dilemma, die like Dahmer
You can't see me like the Muppet Babies grand - mama
I'm a barbed wire condom once f***n with that you'll - holler
My flows wet s***t up like Barry White's shirt - collar
And I'm smoke Bones with mad Thugs we be in Harmony
But da-na-da-da-dahh-dah, just doesn't f***n appeal to me
Disgustin me like Greg Lougainis AIDS my style is full blown
I'm wild like a latch key kid when his alcoholic daddy ain't home
Skip the silly facts is what you really lacks, your city give me daps
When Chino XL cuts you bleedin to death like hemophiliacs
Testin me is heresy I'm ill as leprosy I could make
Farrakhan grow dreads (BO BO!) and do the pepper seed
Spilling blood, similar to Exxon Valdez strike like a boa constrictor
Pain I inflict ya made ya scream like Little Richard
Battle me, no more props, no more fan mail admiration
You DIE, no time readin that for dramatization
You got your contract now you dissin me -- when you
barely own yourself like the Adams Family electricity
Bow your head in praise, the crowd sways when I hit the stage
Chino flips a phrase in so many different ways, uhh


Projecting my East coast semen all over ya (they be cloning ya)
I'm leaving em starving like they from Cambodia (nice knowing ya)
I'm telling ya f***k your cellular f***k your SkyPager
None of that can save ya when I SLASH ya with my rusty razor
In need of dry towels, my eye scowls, White Owls I split ya
Reposing like an Arthur Ashe before and after picture
My crew stay high like astronauts, this yellow bastard rocks
Still representin Jersey to the fullest -- Down at Fraggle Rock!
So now I rips again; leavin rappers whimperin
Makin my impression left in ears like discarded syringe
Cinematogrophy showin slides of your autopsy, no fair
I'm turning your whole projects into Tiannamen Square
Not number five like caps bust inside of Tupac's side
Rap side, not Pharcyde, burn your eyes like hydrogen peroxide
You better dodge this God that's lookin like DeBarge
Disgusting like an old white woman's medicinal discharge, swingin
my fist hard, causin viral spinal menengitis, when the slightest
vinyl coincides you risk dying to my violent twist
The Tin Ma -- if I only had a heart! I wouldn't make
all y'all niggaz sit in the backseat like f***n Rosa Parks
I represent them niggaz that make you one healthier
while you represent bad niggaz like Denzel in Philadelphia
I ruin more brothers with skills careers than Don King, yo
yo B stop the track here the phone is ringing I hear the phone ringing

*phone rings*
Yo? ";Yo Chino you look so good!
I just know you gotta a big dick
I wanna f***k you so bad! ";

Oh seven no one seventy the zip code I don't give a f***k
Throw an uppercut, was getting XL all fired up
worth getting your jaw all wired up?
Be a man like Me'shell N'degeocello, receive your a*-beating
I perform in front of more sellout crowds than a NAACP meeting
I'm making MC's look Dumber and Dumber like Jim Carrey
Go dig for David Cole I'm back in office like Marion Barry
My crew parleys while your girl braiding my braids
MC's are afraid in so Many Different Ways!


";Chino was fly but too fly for me! "; --> MC Lyte ('Cappucino')
(repeat 4X)

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