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Versuri Chino Xl - Be here

[Chino XL]
(Yeah.. yo, follow this, follow this, yeah)
She just appeared out of nowhere
at this club it's kind of freaky so I usually don't go there
She will dance with no care
and I was kinda sleepy so to revive I step into the cold air
Who came behind me it was her, wind blowing in hair
She said "Let's take a ride we could slide to anywhere"
I said "Look but don't stare"
She said "It's hard not to a nigga like you in here? It's kinda rare"
Seven-forty I-L, I look cushion in chair
kinda feeling alright, I was sput in her ear?
What do you want from me? I don't have much to share
She said "Her husband was rich but he was never there
And know she want a affair and this is where I come in
Said she was prepared to help me with my career
So she said I heard I could rhyme and she had lot's of friends
Before we began I told her one thing

[Chorus: Chino XL sings once]
I didn't have to be here
You didn't have to look for me
When I was just a nothing-child, and I know our times are wild
But before this ride is through, and you know I love f***g you
But I didn't ask to be here
You wanted me to be here
I really shouldn't be here
I didn't have to be here

[Chino XL]
Yo, we started to get really close
She started spoiling me right away? doing? credit card's and clothes
She bought a weed from East Loast
I had been in LA for 3 month's now, but I'm from East Coast
She kept me in a Navigator Rental
Introduced me to her famous producer and payed for my demo
Set it album we was done
champagnr hosts for my future my life had finally begun
Tossed and turned all night, sayed she just couldn't rest she was feeling
distressed about a hubby mistressed
Too many sleeping pills I think she tried to overdoze (Uh-huh)
Her man and me sometimes I wonder who she love the most? (Uh-huh)
Crazy of life of mine yo it's hard to believe
people feeling my tape, ended up getting signed!
Money for the first time for my rhyme
she started acting up like she didn't want me to shine



(April Frerichs)
And now, I'm unavaible too take your phone call, you know what to do

(Chino XL?)
(? Yo, why I'm bugging you? You know what I'm saying?)

[Chino XL]
Yo, yo, everything started happening kinda fast
I was well know getting cash? overlast?
I can't remember when I spoke to my baby last
Younger man with a older woman were part of my past
Everyday different show's and sometime's different hoe's (Uh-huh)
When I am on video's I wonder if she know's?
How I miss her in my life and how we used to hang
????? cause just then the phone rang
I picked up she said "What up? "
I'm like "I miss you honey"
She said "You wouldn't have been nothing if it wasn't for me"
That kinda hurt me that she was so addmityed wasn't being there
I thought we both got something outta this?
You made this happen for me and everybody know that
But you refuse to stay in-touch, you choose that!
They want to be happy and you see sad through it (Naw) and I ain't know your
love had a price-tag to it
Besides, you were married women I was just on the side (Uh-huh) and now I'm
pushing a six and getting hard to hide (Uh-huh)
About her husband she shot him to death
they find him dead next to him was a note that said:

[Chorus] - 2X

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