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Versuri Chingy - Wurrs my cash (full version)

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Ho, Wurrs My Cash?
(Got his money ho?)
You don't have it?
(You trippin' girl)
Am I gon' slap you? Uh huh
Sling that a*s
(Sling it for a nigga girl)
What is this ma'?
(How much?)
Is that enough? Uh Uh
Know ya'll gon' ask
(Tell 'em the truth close to move)
I am a hustler?
(Get yours)
Am I pimpin'? Uh Huh
Ho move real fast
(Don't be slacking up)
You don't like yo' job. So!
Do I care ho? Uh Uh
Sling that a*s

[1st Verse]
I'm yo' hustler
(Dig it)
I'm yo' daddy
I'm that clean? at a school caddy
I'm yo supplyer, (Uh Huh)
I'm yo' buyer (Uh Huh)
I'm that tree in the forest that's on fire (What Am I?)
I'm yo' yong pimp' (What else?) baby yo' boss (What else?)
I'm that candy red paint that shine and gloss (Ya dig?)
I'm yo'supafly, (Ya dig?)
Yo Black Ceaser (alright now)
Girl you too shy to speak then take a breather
Can you dig this?
Lick when I p***s (Well Alright)


[2nd Verse]

See that fur coat, that's for when it's cold
Break that white gold, plain gold, got old
Snake skin shoes, give yo' friends blues
Step out the car, sharp as a f***g auto too
Got tall girls, into small girls
Latin, Japanese, Black, Mexican all girls, willin to work for it, go in they purse for it,
Down wit' me even if they put in a herse for it
Got in the dirt for it
Call me papi and'll pull up they skirt for it


People ask me why I'm like this
See my father and my uncles gave me this s***t
Since I liked it got down and hiked it
That's why you catch me doing foursomes with dike chicks
They like my style, I like they mouth
Even gotta couple hookers workin' the south, and on the east my girls the best, in Cali got 10 out
on sunset
Pimp of all pimps, young Don Bishop
Got life insurance, trick gon' I won't miss ya', on the sole of my gators she can kiss the (smooch)


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