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Versuri Chingy - Dice game (skit)

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o shoot nigga shoot, dats a fo', dats a fo'
you know dat aint gonna fo', there you go you gonna fo wit a three
put six hundred down
money on the what? money on da what?
it's all good
let up the muthaf***kin' yard
don't talk about it, bet about it
aaahhh shut up nigga quit ridin' my nutz
gonna do it right hurr, gonna do it right hurr
you want the seven, want the seven.
slide it out niggaz
3 hoes and a pimp
shoot nigga, shoot
f***k dat I got a thousand
I gotta thousand nigga shoot
shut up nigga, shut up nigga
whateva nigga
I got the roll over ya muthaf***kin a*, baby
3 hoes and a pimp, bitch
man, chingy gettin it
lets go

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