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Versuri Bagg up
- Chingy

(Bagg up) Bounce, bounce, bounce then (Bagg up) [repeat 2].

Straight playa baby
2 rides outside wit that old G-glide
I'm high but it's all gravy.
Snake skins, no Timberland boots, get loot, I'll shoot
If ya try to play me.
get clout when I'm out,
money what I'm all about
In a world that's so shady.
peak this, streakness,
never had a weakness, speak this
I do this daily.
Follow my whole set
Bottles of mo' wet, bet
Until they lay me
6 feet under dirt
I'm the one wit the word
Got hits but they try to spray me.
If I lack, keep strapped
it's a rap, gimme dat
You can roll wit me, yeah maybe.
Hey the streets is mine
Like mix tapes when that MC grind
Don't play crazy.

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