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Versuri Intoarsa
- Chimie feat Shadowbox

Shadowbox & Chimie - Intoarsa.

Bine ai venit in Carpati
Ma mut des, car paturi
Frate cu frasu' lui fratcu
E neam mare, cu bradu' si codru'
Plopu' Oltul' Motru si Lotru
Daca as fi american as zice m*********r des
Totul are un pret
Totul are un brand
Totul pentru un cent
Dar recent fac arta
Misu si Shadowbox! Da-mi un bax de
Outdoor, indoor, hydro arde-l
Prolific oniric mai deschide o carte
Satiric am! Fluvii de groovin
Tufele-n public si rufele-n public
Rap atack cu rockeri n-ai vazut vreodata asa ceva
Sunt un entertainer adica-ti dau ce vrei ma
Daca sunt ala mai mare
Imi permit sa spun unui frate mai mic s-o lase mai moale
Si vine asa! Atentie dealeri!
N-o sa mai vedeti vreodata un leu de la mine!.

I got my fully loaded tactical lexical molester ready
ted bundy versus lecter, stabbing honeys
my first verse.. is iron maiden heavy, made out of napalm death,
holding your breath, obituary
left hand path.. i laugh at your whole concept
your concert is a contracept like katie perry
french kissing a monster, Emcees take naps already,
poof their teddies out, ludacris rock steady..
unscary effeminate youth
no matter how many golden chains you carry
i'm better than you
still miles ahead of your phony vocabulary since the "never trust" track,
my skills are legendary too
your whole style's a toothbrush, dry like dandruff
guys are posh like fluffy handcuffs
i break stuff like the mighty limp, bitches
you're blushing cause you're bluffing like ho-less pimps, bitches

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