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Versuri Chief Keef - Love no thotties

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[Verse 1]
These bitches act local and think global
Never seen a 100 thousand you want me to show you
What u want that drink I know you hate being sober
And I know all these niggas hate chief Sosa
I'm cruising in my 'Rari with my Louie loafers
Bitch I'm a Rastafari I'm a trending topic
Wish a nigga would try to screw me over
Now I got blood on my Louie loafers
I wear thousand dollar belts cause I'mma rich nigga
Nina like to buss a bitch the way she hit niggas
Shoes cost a bunch of s***t look at my kicks nigga
Could of bought a a*s for my bitch Nigga
I'm off this activist got me leanin over
I poured full some Purp and some Peach soda
Your boyfriend a opp, I'm in nina blowing
You was on the phone with him sucking my dick he ain't even know it

[Chief Keef]
[Hook 1]
I ain't even try to
You wanna Glo up baby keef got you
Yous a gold bottle these hoes pink Miscoto
Baby im the owner you can be my castle
Baby cause i like you
Only reason I text you and why I Skype you
I jus wanna f**k all you, I don't wanna wife you
But you gotta brush your teeth and do what I say do

[Verse 2]
Bitch can you hear me?
Keep your p***y in part no 360
That boy said he getting gwuap, no he didn't
And Almighty Sosa his complete mission
I'm nowhere around you I'm high of this earth I can't come back down to
Baby this is a song I just thought I tell you
I'mma send you off but I don't wanna mail you
I don't wanna smell you
Cuz I'mma cut you off quicker than I met you
I'mma swipe your name up off my schedule and if smoke this blunt girl im gone forget you

[Hook 2]
I ain't even playin' tho i make bitches fly like peter pan tho (bang bang)
That's why i just ask you
You's a alcoholic I ain't got no time for you
Is you off the molly if i book your flight is you gonna top me
Okay you got me
I don't love no thotties

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