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Versuri Cheya - Withot wingz

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Cheya Crew – Withot Wingz

Strofa 1 (Makru)
To many people ask me so many questions
They makin' me nervous and I say: Oh, stop!
Why do people smoke Ganja daily?
They have to many problems on their minds... or not
Fat blunt, light it! Relaxation
Smoke weed leaves, kiss the blunt s***, yeah!
Full effect yeah! Bring it, that green s***, now roll it! Light it bwoy!
Commin' in force when you smell it
Hold it in your chest, if you want to feel it... damn it!
Once upon a time there was a wise man who said:
Smoke, make love, Nah kill and make war

Refren (Makru)
I'm flying without wings and...
My people roll with me and...
My feet, my hands, my eyes, my thoughts I...
I can't control them

Strofa 2 (Makru)
Burn up di Sensi, Burn up di bush yuh know
Keep di positive mind and peace inna yuh soul
Burn up di herbs, this is what we a told
Every time you have a chance, yuh dunno
When we a go, so...
gimme di spliff, gimme di lighta
Let me burn in peace mi ganja all nighta
Mi say, Gimme di spliff, gimme di lighta
Let me burn in peace mi Ganja all nighta
Well, mi say


Strofa 3 (Drops)
Coo Yah Coo Yah Boy
Me inna di spot, neva' p***-hole
Today no invitation fi di politician to di war.
Only rollin' di holly weed and smokin'
And feelin' only peace and love til di mornin'
I'm flyin' without wingz since 90's
Brotha' please, this is not about bizz' (business)
It's about one fam, one love
If unda' it's finished then let's be above.

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