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Versuri Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Millionaire

Can you read the determination on my face; i'm as solid as the gravel now.
Cause i kept getting on my feet after all the times you knocked me down.
Went back to see the place i came from and i began to understand my pride
From the brick streets a northern factory town where grandma's work improved my chances

Common man, this is me, i'm not ashamed to be here i am this is me.
I'm glad you're uncomfortable near me

Never had nothin never no one to care, nothin but the wind in my hair, still i'm a millionaire

You see me standin out on fifth and union right across from the abandoned drive-in
The sun's gone down on the future here, the past one leaves my mind
The rich boys gave up on you but the soul out here is much too strong
And i'll carry it with me for my whole life, the face of human dignity
I don't have to be the boy with the most cake. i don't have to be the boy with the most cake
Still i'm a millionaire.

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