Irish whiskey - versuri Cherry Poppin' Daddies |
Irish whiskey - versuri Cherry Poppin' Daddies |
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Versuri Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Irish whiskey

Caught in a revolving door and my lungs are suffocating.
Working hard is my reward and my job is so frustrating.
I'm a martyr to myself and a hero to my family. i can feel a breaking point, a longing to be free
But instead i'll hang in there and suffer with the rest. i'm a drunk and a sentimental man
So dust off a bottle of your best irish whiskey and drink with me to departed friends, to departed

In the middle of the night i wake up, my heart is pounding
I expected more from life than a house and tv watching
Cuz i wimped out on myself, take it out on my friends and family
Cuz they don't appreciate i sacrificed my dreams
Hey there guys i'm not the enemy it's just shared frustration that makes us fight
It's a long way to drive to not make any money, merry christmas, at least we gotta try

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