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Versuri Chen Wang Emmanuel - Abba father

trimise de AlbertAlbert.

Solo verse:
There are a million words that I could use to describe you
But they're never really gonna be enough
Even with the few that I choose right now
They aren't even close to who you are
Sometimes it's simple at the same time it's complex
Sometimes it's deep then my words are just shallow
Oh how great you truly are
Then I'm stuck with metaphors of how to really describe your love
And how you've been with me God, throughout the years

Great is your mercy oh Lord
Great is your grace
Great is your faithfulness
Abba father, Abba father.

It's like standing at a shore and staring at the river
You never really know right where it ends
Just when I think that I've found a word that best suits you lord,
A dozen more pop in my head
I've known you for a long time but it feels like the first time
Because your mercies are new every morning
Oh how merciful you are, that's why I say:

(Chorus till fade)

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