Smoke flow - versuri Cheloo feat Killarmy |
Smoke flow - versuri Cheloo feat Killarmy |
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Versuri Cheloo feat Killarmy - Smoke flow

trimise de LonglivetheweedLonglivetheweed.

Something is not right in the head, too bad,
Docs can fix this s***t when I'll be pretty f***g dead,
Please don't feed my ego, I don't feel that s***tty need
I'm a bad seed indeed, just let me smoke my weed,
Never love money cause that love can kill,
Too much money love can get you ill
We still have awards though never kiss that s***t
Defeat life, stay alive and f***k retreat
We love the mic, we love life, we love the hip hop beat,
We only fight onstage and every show is live, you know that s***t!
F***k fame, f***k awards, f***k happy music,
The word is a tool, fool we have to use it
You know life is a game, at the heavyweight,
The final countdown can't wait, use the brain man it's never too late
Don't dig for diamonds in s***t, don't be so f***g friendly,
Greedy motherf***ker your coffin has to be trendy
I'm like a flea, check my id, inhale the sickness of my lyrics
Mentally I'm sick indeed, when I take the lead, I see you catching speed
Oh s***t, go f***k the beat, it's rap man and this is it....

A long ways from home. I bring you another other
Two dope a*s niggaz, me, self and my brother
Yeah, he's from another, should I let him explain?
Introducing me... what's that niggaz name?
Tice the nicest, with these mic devices
He slice twices, yeah, you can't f***k with him
It's the show for dough, y'all niggaz didn't know?
Yeah, I'm coming from the dirty O, that's the OH ten,
Me and my man, we keepin' it ground
We're keepin' it slime, you know I'm all about mine,
Yeah, that glock, that cock, gotta get it, don't stop,
That dope, yeah, up with dope down the hoe goes.

We be doing what we doing and that's the reason we are here
Unless???? you crap niggaz beware
I won't stop until I'm thru with this
Even if it takes gettin' shot a dozen times
You gonna see Beretta 9
I'm referred to as Kinetic, you bitches won't forget it
And out without a line, my rhymes will travel far
For many many miles, miles, miles

Upon my arrival, once my feet touch solid ground
You know I'm a score, it's like touch down
Go deep, don't sleep once I post up
Y'all niggaz better catch me like a photo close up.
Get back, lay back, don't say nothing
I'm a stubby nigga, never known for f***kin' frontin'
Don't get your mouth scotched, don't get touched
Don't get opened up like a mother f***kin' duchess
It's time and umm... still beating, ??? , the first, the last
You niggaz can't f***k with me,
I'm nice on this mic device, my soul, my weapon
I'll shot at your boots and keep you steppin' in the opposite direction
Yeah, you're f***kin' around, this nigga strides for perfection
You're f***kin' around and get laid down
When that tray pound on this sound shake the f***kin' ground bitch!

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