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In corpore sano [english] - versuri Cheloo |

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Versuri Cheloo - In corpore sano [english]

trimise de Andreea AkyuzAndreea Akyuz.

Two, no, no it didn't…, the brain is f***d up, not the headphones
Yes, my words make waves like a spit thrown in the fountain
I bet I can fly high without being vain
I transit your mother's glory –Suck me, looser
I remain enthusiastic in the workforce; I wipe off your snots with my dick
I don't make illegal music in the bathroom like the eunuchs do
I developed the art of being alone, when I feel surrounded
And I go to sleep thinking thoughts that do not fit my head
I'll say good-bye to the idea of seeing my future
Kissing the sow of destiny, I've slowly lost my sense of humor
Let me sleep, I promise that tomorrow morning
I'll get out of bed and do what I haven't done my whole life
I'll put everything in order for you to be proud of me
I'll bury the past while being booed by the crowd
I admit I don't recognize myself one day to another
But I'm proud to be white and to fly like the Eagle of Malta
I'm the '78 model launched with a software error
Pleasing you remains a trifle
My mind is totally fried; by no means it ain't ripe
I'm a fisherman carrying dynamite, hunting with a flak '88
I fix my mistakes too late or never
And give moral damages for the deceased 0
When we speak of feelings I give total loss
I am abnormal, it's normal not to want a normal life
They have changed the actors during the break; another film is being played now
Is someone else writing our script or what the f***k do we live?!
I admit I got bored to keep pushing the river up the hill
I got bored so much, that I'll climb on a wave
I love the pathless road, I search for it and I know it exists
While you're looking for the right place, as shy as a c***t
Push me from behind to do what I don't want to
And I'll do exactly the opposite of everything you've ever calculated
Hey, look, I haven't stopped yet, how strange, I'm still thinking
I practice the Danish kiss too often just to make myself understood
Children we kindly ask you to come to the concerts
To sing about frogs, foxes and herons
Together we clap and go to sleep
After thanking your mommy for taking her money
I jump from trip to trip; I slowly steal your place in line
I didn't find the way to lead my life near the altar
It's easier to believe in God than to believe in yourself
That's why they all kiss his dick when they are doing well
Lord, give us food for the soul when we are hungry
Or alcohol and weed, money and bitches
Give us buds, give us double distilled grapes
Give us more coffin nails just to stay safe
Give us another day away from the world
Allow us to f***k around and not give names
Your window's broken, you brakes don't work and you give head to a minor
When you run bumper to bumper 4 hours per hour
People stare drooling with hypocrisy
Send me an SMS and tell me how it feels, I believe you're dead
I would push on the pedals only if it would grow my dick bigger
And yet believe me I really love nature
You have a low opinion of me and you are happy
In my turn I am satisfied too, have you finally discovered thinking?!
Have you suddenly started to understand me since I've started speaking fluent Chinese?
Suck my dick and make it look like a Japanese strike

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