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Versuri Chelo - Just maybe

trimise de MarylinaMarylina.

You've been sitting here all morning
singing to an empty cup
cold smiles to hide the sorrow
but I know that he's tearing you apart

I'm running out of words to cover up for what he'd done
it's only getting worse
only getting worse
you can cut and paste you heart for him a million times until you crash and burn
until you learn

Just maybe (why can't you see)
he ain't the man for you just maybe (I'm all you need)
you need to let him go oh baby (just you and me)
stop pretending I can't see you crying (I'm dying
why you lying (te amo)
to yourself

Loneliness and cigarettes
an awkward silence fills the air
can't you see there's no tomorrow
if you throw your sanity away

I'm running out of cards to play this never ending game
it's time to tell the truth
you need to hear the truth
for every tear you shed for him
I shed one more for you
I don't know what to do
cause I love you


you're my best friend, you're my soul mate
always with you always by your side

if only you could see what's in my heart


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