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trimise de SavinaSavina.

You're an evil bitch, an evil bitch, you're an evil bitch, an evil bitch

[Verse 1]
You're an evil bitch a deceitful chick
F***k these c***s around 'til they leave you s***t
In one week you would go through heaps of dick
Play mind games now on an equal trip
Your small little body and your lethal t**s
Makes every bloke want a f***g piece of this
But you're eating dick and you're leaking p***s
You're an aids infested piece of s***t
Someday someone will take you and rape you
And make you do everything you hate too
Show you how it feels to be f***d on
Paid back for every other bloke you've sucked on

And you would say to me, how great this love can be
But you're loving all the team
F***king everyone you see
And you would always lie
Hide was flowing in your mind
Just taking any guy, inviting them inside

[Verse 2]
You're painful just like a blister
I'd f***g kill myself if you were my sister
You take the word slut straight off the richter
Your whole attitude needs a fix up
You dick suck leak cum then drink up
Dirty bitch you make the porn stars give up
You ring up to give some then lift up
Your top so you can get your perky t**s sucked
Dicks up you make us hornier
But you've been thrashed
Every bloke keeps calling ya
P***y is mangled, s***t looks gorier
Than Saw 4 change course now all of ya
Keep crawling up to the poor c***t falling for ya
Calling all bluff your mauling scores aren't for the balls you've gone and sucked
You're raw and rough scabby sores and stuff
Aw yuk!


[Verse 3]
It was my tough luck I fell for a dumb slut that done stuff
Now I'll never ever trust young ones
You f***d up my head left me so undone
Slept with all my mates until they summed up ya fun
You rung up everyone to run them down
Left so many blokes drunk on the ground
Spinning and tripping out yeah you f***d us around
Dumb slut I've had enough of you now
And I hope you hear this on your stereo
Before you say "agh well well yeah there he goes"
I hope this makes you feel so very low
Brings out the demon inside ya very clothes
And that's scary bro you're an evil bitch
A down right dirty deceitful chick
Take a break now from eating dick
Before I find you, you piece of s***t


It's all you do
Let them all cum inside
Little slut

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