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Versuri Chastisement - I am you

This day everything ends, your removal has just been delayed.
This day no child is born, I am the one who makes the call.
Your time is mine, your fate I hold in my hands.
I laugh at you and your pathetic kind of race.

No one is spared, you have had your time.
I tried to make you see, make you feel.
Now armageddon is called upon thee, this vengeance is mine.
Deep inside yourself you knew this time had to come,
to erase the humankind.
I am you! Am I? I'm you! Everything ends.

Bloodshed, my day.
I will make you pay, this is the judgement day.
No need to say goodbye, no one will be there to listen.
No need to pray, this is not an option.
Gather around me, open your eyes, your removal has begun

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