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Versuri No mercy (our time is near)
- Chasm

I call the names I've Buried in my mind, while in the sky the rain is
Boiling in anger, spirits of the Decadence and sorrow, I summon you, be the
Mediums of my Disaster..
One Empire has fallen from it's Wicked grace,
We, Lords of Bitterness, of retaliation, must taste Revenge..
Take every possible form of
Low-life and Slay and Torment their weak essence,
Toal Pandemonium, our great Conquering is here, I,
The Past Finder, the commander of pain; my secret weapon is covered in ecstasy,
I'm full of past scars that now are finally healing,
from Centuries ago, we have warned you, your ignorance shall be your Tomb,
Burn with me as you cry and scream, but I will play the
Final march with mind, body, and soul full of pride, still waiting for my liberation.. our final destiny..

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