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Versuri A portal to nowhere
- Chasm

With an Enigma inside my Fate,
The Infamous crystal eye of Vengeance, guides me through this long period of Depression,
Eternal twisted path, Nevernding pain..
Floating in wombless amnion, blind,
My liquid shroud tremble in agony,
'coz I'm reaching the last ring of Saturn, in the nucleus of this catatonic dream.
Let me fly into the planet's rain, I must find my intra-essence of wisdom,
petrified in my flesh cage as time and Dimensions pass like cold wind;
Walking in front of the mountains of Uranus,
I can see how the past tragedies judge my trip as I spit with bitter anger to their disgusting and pale shapes.
for all those Lost Years, I evoke eternal Solitude an infinite search of Empty Answers is my future,
left in shadows with a flickering candle, I'm entering into this Portal to Nowhere.

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